Connect and network with one another!

Welcome to Dutch Blockchain Days, where innovation meets connectivity!
Introducing Thrilld, our official event networking app – a cutting-edge Web3 solution.

Thrilld facilitates seamless networking tailored to your needs, whether before, during or after the event. Say goodbye to crowded networking rooms and hello to efficient connections with like-minded professionals.

Experience the future of event networking with Thrilld.
Connect, network and make the Dutch Blockchain days a success.

Thrilld is a business app that allows Web3 projects, professional investors, developers, and Web3 service providers from around the world to find each other and talk synergies in a streamlined manner. Thrilld also functions as a full-fledged Web3 event networking tool and is the official networking app of the Dutch Blockchain Days.

How does Thrilld work?

  1. Go to the App Store or Google Play store and download Thrilld on a mobile device. It’s free and open-access.
  2. Create a profile in under two minutes. Share details about yourself or the company you’re associated with, and select who you want to meet. You can change this at any time so that you can update your info about your latest milestones and developments whenever you want.
  3. Swipe people and companies far and near.
    Check out Web3 projects, professional investors, developers or Web3 service providers that fit your latest needs, wants and, optionally, location. If you want to see people close to you, for instance whilst attending the DBDs, you simply switch on the hyperlocalisation toggle in your Settings.
  4. Both swiped right? Talk business in real-time.
    Thrilld’s consensus-driven algorithm prevents spam and allows for an efficient experience, saving you time in your business efforts whilst enabling increased visibility and exposure to those that matter.