Be part of the ultimate celebration!

Due to great success of the afterparty organized after Dutch Blockchain Days 2023 at Cielo Skybar in Amsterdam, Dutch Blockchain Days is excited to announce another afterparty in 2024!


The afterparty will take place at De Karavaan, a beautiful location in Amsterdam.

What to expect

This gathering won’t be just another event. It’s a celebration of progress, a platform where thought leaders, investors and pioneers from the web3, blockchain and crypto world converge. Amidst an ambiance infused with the spirit of decentralization and technological breakthroughs, ideas flow freely as the evening progresses.

Expect a vibrant mix of networking and exploration, where the lines between business acumen and extraordinary experience blur. Discover new opportunities, share insights and make connections that will shape the future of blockchain, web3 and crypto.

Whether deepening existing relationships or forging new alliances, the afterparty of Dutch Blockchain Days offers a unique opportunity to thrive in the dynamics of the rapidly evolving world of blockchain, web3 and crypto. Witness the power of collaboration as we collectively explore the next frontiers of innovation.

So, welcome the evening with open arms and immerse yourself in the energy of what is yet to come. The Dutch Blockchain Days afterparty promises to be an unforgettable journey, where business opportunity meets excitement and vision.

Event Details

  • Location: De Karavaan, Kwakersplein 2, 1053 TZ Amsterdam
  • Date: 19th of June 2024
  • Time: Start at 20:00, finish at 01:00

Join us for the afterparty at De Karavaan starting at 20:00. Please note that dinner is not provided, so plan to eat beforehand. We welcome you for good music, typical Amsterdam coziness, lovely drinks, and a decentralized tech crowd! There are limited spots available for the afterparty, first come first serve, so be on time 😉 Bring your badge to receive some free drinks.

Join us and be part of the future!

Team Dutch Blockchain Days